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Tips for LinkedIn users to create content on Instagram

Tips for LinkedIn users to create content on Instagram

I am writing this based on my personal experience. I feel both Instagram and LinkedIn have their unique way of approaching audiences. But, people with high creative thinking tend to dominate Instagram. Instagram is all about creating visual content that is easy to understand and recollect. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a platform for educating and discussing different topics.

Content creation — LinkedIn VS Instagram.

Content is king, right? But when it comes to social media platforms, not all content is created equal. When it comes to ROI (Return On Investment), LinkedIn posts will have a higher return than Instagram posts. How can I be so sure? The answer is simple: On LinkedIn, users are there to be educated and to learn. On Instagram, users are there to be entertained. This is the reason as to why you should use different variables for each social media platform.

Unlock the full potential of the platform!

We know LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most professional online business network. It has millions of members worldwide. It’s a hub for your online presence. It’s a goldmine for your business- no doubt. You can get business insights by looking at who’s viewed your profile, who’s viewed your posts, who’s viewed your connections, who’s viewed your company page. So using LinkedIn is a key to your business growth.

Instagram, however, is a visual platform, and it’s a great way to express yourself. If you’ve used Instagram before, you know how easy it is to post photos and videos, but you might not know that it’s actually pretty hard to create great content. Content that constantly engages your followers, content that establishes you as a thought leader in your industry, content that showcases your expertise. There are a million things to consider, unlocking the full potential of Instagram.

Tips for writing content on Instagram.

— On Instagram, you can communicate informally. You can express yourself through emojis. Emojis can make your content more relatable to the audience.

— Engagement doesn’t mean only likes but encouraging people to take a certain action. That’s why it is said to use the caption section more wisely. Make it Instagram-worthy.

— Yes, you can add CTA at the beginning of the caption. Instagram only shows the first two lines, the rest can be viewed by clicking “show more”. Add a question, add suspense.

— Use trending hashtags. Trending hashtags that are related to the picture and not just random Hashtags.

— Curate posts by giving proper credits. This is a great way to increase engagement. Curate existing content that has already gone viral.

Engagement strategy in these platforms.

Engagement has a direct connection with consistency. Your follower is waiting for your content to be published. Consistency shows a sense of professionalism. Now, you need to decide how often you want to post. The consistency does not limit to just posting content. But also the consistency in branding. E.g., the colours, fonts, formats, and even the brand voice.

Initially, partner with micro-influencers. An individual who is successful always helps others succeed. Collaboration is the key to boost engagement.

Aim to create content in different formats. If you make use of all the features of the app, you will automatically see your growth in the algorithm.

You must know for whom you are creating content. Data-driven, user-generated and problem-solving content will help your target audience coming back to you. Add CTA’s and links wherever possible. This can convert a user into your consumer.

It’s time to wrap up!

I hope you found these strategies useful. Even if you are a LinkedIn user, you will still enjoy creating content on Instagram. These tips and tricks will help you boost your social media presence and market your product/service to the right audience. Thank you for reading.

Khushi Agarwal — Creative Content Writer

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